About us

Individual Design for Everyone

Design and quality

We are on a mission to adorn your space with modern and fun furniture! 

Combining our big love for color and iconic mid-century designs, we’ve set out to create fresh, dynamic designs, accessible to all.

From the smallest desk lamp to a sofa you'll be sitting on for years to come, we promise that everything isn't just brilliantly designed and on-trend, but also has one eye on the future. When you buy from us, you're buying a piece that'll last long beyond the trends.

We believe that good design covers all ages, that kids' rooms can be as stylish as adults' rooms and that you can have pieces that work for now, and provide long-term solutions.

Our Passion


We adore everything about color - experimenting with it, clashing it, trying things in unexpected colors. You’ll find that lots of our furniture comes in a wide range of tones, from on-trend bright to subtle pastels or metallic.


Fabulous Design

Fabulous designing is all about keeping things simple, considering the function as well as the form, and embracing the natural properties of natural materials. We like to think that this ethos runs through our designs, too.


Modern & Contemporary Design

Modern and contemporary furniture is the cornerstone of what we do. We love looking back to iconic designs from the last 100 years of furniture while nodding to the future with pieces that are simple, functional, and easy to fit into any home.

The People Who Make Funky Price Happen

We love change

Our team consists of 50+ amazing individuals, working behind the scenes to make Funky Price happen. From in-house designers and trade managers to friendly customer service and staff: everyone is part of the process and passionate to make a change.